22.5. Ethernet Parameters


Most modern Ethernet-based network interface cards (NICs), do not require module parameters to alter settings. Instead, they can be configured using ethtool or mii-tool. Only after these tools fail to work should module parameters be adjusted. Module paramaters can be viewed using the modinfo command.


For information about using these tools, consult the man pages for ethtool, mii-tool, and modinfo.

Table 22.2. Ethernet Module Parameters

Hardware Module Parameters
3Com EtherLink PCI III/XL Vortex (3c590, 3c592, 3c595, 3c597) Boomerang (3c900, 3c905, 3c595) 3c59x.ko
debug — 3c59x debug level (0-6)
options — 3c59x: Bits 0-3: media type, bit 4: bus mastering, bit 9: full duplex
global_options — 3c59x: same as options, but applies to all NICs if options is unset
full_duplex — 3c59x full duplex setting(s) (1)
global_full_duplex — 3c59x: same as full_duplex, but applies to all NICs if full_duplex is unset
hw_checksums — 3c59x Hardware checksum checking by adapter(s) (0-1)
flow_ctrl — 3c59x 802.3x flow control usage (PAUSE only) (0-1)
enable_wol — 3c59x: Turn on Wake-on-LAN for adapter(s) (0-1)
global_enable_wol — 3c59x: same as enable_wol, but applies to all NICs if enable_wol is unset
rx_copybreak — 3c59x copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
max_interrupt_work — 3c59x maximum events handled per interrupt
compaq_ioaddr — 3c59x PCI I/O base address (Compaq BIOS problem workaround)
compaq_irq — 3c59x PCI IRQ number (Compaq BIOS problem workaround)
compaq_device_id — 3c59x PCI device ID (Compaq BIOS problem workaround)
watchdog — 3c59x transmit timeout in milliseconds
global_use_mmio — 3c59x: same as use_mmio, but applies to all NICs if options is unset
use_mmio — 3c59x: use memory-mapped PCI I/O resource (0-1)
RTL8139, SMC EZ Card Fast Ethernet, RealTek cards using RTL8129, or RTL8139 Fast Ethernet chipsets 8139too.ko
Broadcom 4400 10/100 PCI ethernet driver b44.ko
b44_debug — B44 bitmapped debugging message enable value
Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5706/5708 Driver bnx2.ko
disable_msi — Disable Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI)
Intel Ether Express/100 driver e100.ko
debug — Debug level (0=none,...,16=all)
eeprom_bad_csum_allow — Allow bad eeprom checksums
Intel EtherExpress/1000 Gigabit e1000.ko
TxDescriptors — Number of transmit descriptors
RxDescriptors — Number of receive descriptors
Speed — Speed setting
Duplex — Duplex setting
AutoNeg — Advertised auto-negotiation setting
FlowControl — Flow Control setting
XsumRX — Disable or enable Receive Checksum offload
TxIntDelay — Transmit Interrupt Delay
TxAbsIntDelay — Transmit Absolute Interrupt Delay
RxIntDelay — Receive Interrupt Delay
RxAbsIntDelay — Receive Absolute Interrupt Delay
InterruptThrottleRate — Interrupt Throttling Rate
SmartPowerDownEnable — Enable PHY smart power down
KumeranLockLoss — Enable Kumeran lock loss workaround
Myricom 10G driver (10GbE) myri10ge.ko
myri10ge_fw_name — Firmware image name
myri10ge_ecrc_enable — Enable Extended CRC on PCI-E
myri10ge_max_intr_slots — Interrupt queue slots
myri10ge_small_bytes — Threshold of small packets
myri10ge_msi — Enable Message Signalled Interrupts
myri10ge_intr_coal_delay — Interrupt coalescing delay
myri10ge_flow_control — Pause parameter
myri10ge_deassert_wait — Wait when deasserting legacy interrupts
myri10ge_force_firmware — Force firmware to assume aligned completions
myri10ge_skb_cross_4k — Can a small skb cross a 4KB boundary?
myri10ge_initial_mtu — Initial MTU
myri10ge_napi_weight — Set NAPI weight
myri10ge_watchdog_timeout — Set watchdog timeout
myri10ge_max_irq_loops — Set stuck legacy IRQ detection threshold
NatSemi DP83815 Fast Ethernet natsemi.ko
mtu — DP8381x MTU (all boards)
debug — DP8381x default debug level
rx_copybreak — DP8381x copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
options — DP8381x: Bits 0-3: media type, bit 17: full duplex
full_duplex — DP8381x full duplex setting(s) (1)
AMD PCnet32 and AMD PCnetPCI pcnet32.ko
PCnet32 and PCnetPCI pcnet32.ko
debug — pcnet32 debug level
max_interrupt_work — pcnet32 maximum events handled per interrupt
rx_copybreak — pcnet32 copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
tx_start_pt — pcnet32 transmit start point (0-3)
pcnet32vlb — pcnet32 Vesa local bus (VLB) support (0/1)
options — pcnet32 initial option setting(s) (0-15)
full_duplex — pcnet32 full duplex setting(s) (1)
homepna — pcnet32 mode for 79C978 cards (1 for HomePNA, 0 for Ethernet, default Ethernet
RealTek RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver r8169.ko
media — force phy operation. Deprecated by ethtool (8).
rx_copybreak — Copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
use_dac — Enable PCI DAC. Unsafe on 32 bit PCI slot.
debug — Debug verbosity level (0=none, ..., 16=all)
Neterion Xframe 10GbE Server Adapter s2io.ko
SIS 900/701G PCI Fast Ethernet sis900.ko
multicast_filter_limit — SiS 900/7016 maximum number of filtered multicast addresses
max_interrupt_work — SiS 900/7016 maximum events handled per interrupt
sis900_debug — SiS 900/7016 bitmapped debugging message level
Adaptec Starfire Ethernet driver starfire.ko
max_interrupt_work — Maximum events handled per interrupt
mtu — MTU (all boards)
debug — Debug level (0-6)
rx_copybreak — Copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
intr_latency — Maximum interrupt latency, in microseconds
small_frames — Maximum size of receive frames that bypass interrupt latency (0,64,128,256,512)
options — Deprecated: Bits 0-3: media type, bit 17: full duplex
full_duplex — Deprecated: Forced full-duplex setting (0/1)
enable_hw_cksum — Enable/disable hardware cksum support (0/1)
Broadcom Tigon3 tg3.ko
tg3_debug — Tigon3 bitmapped debugging message enable value
ThunderLAN PCI tlan.ko
aui — ThunderLAN use AUI port(s) (0-1)
duplex — ThunderLAN duplex setting(s) (0-default, 1-half, 2-full)
speed — ThunderLAN port speen setting(s) (0,10,100)
debug — ThunderLAN debug mask
bbuf — ThunderLAN use big buffer (0-1)
Digital 21x4x Tulip PCI Ethernet cards SMC EtherPower 10 PCI(8432T/8432BT) SMC EtherPower 10/100 PCI(9332DST) DEC EtherWorks 100/10 PCI(DE500-XA) DEC EtherWorks 10 PCI(DE450) DEC QSILVER's, Znyx 312 etherarray Allied Telesis LA100PCI-T Danpex EN-9400, Cogent EM110 tulip.ko ioio_port
VIA Rhine PCI Fast Ethernet cards with either the VIA VT86c100A Rhine-II PCI or 3043 Rhine-I D-Link DFE-930-TX PCI 10/100 via-rhine.ko
max_interrupt_work — VIA Rhine maximum events handled per interrupt
debug — VIA Rhine debug level (0-7)
rx_copybreak — VIA Rhine copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames
avoid_D3 — Avoid power state D3 (work-around for broken BIOSes)

22.5.1. Using Multiple Ethernet Cards

It is possible to use multiple Ethernet cards on a single machine. For each card there must be an alias and, possibly, options lines for each card in /etc/modprobe.conf.
For additional information about using multiple Ethernet cards, refer to the Linux Ethernet-HOWTO online at http://www.redhat.com/mirrors/LDP/HOWTO/Ethernet-HOWTO.html.