13.5. Apache mod_proxy

13.5.1. About the Apache mod_proxy HTTP Connector

Apache provides two different proxying and load balancing modules for its HTTPD: mod_proxy and mod_jk. To learn more about mod_jk, refer to Section 13.4.1, “About the Apache mod_jk HTTP Connector”. The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform supports use of either of these, although mod_cluster, the JBoss HTTP connector, more closely couples the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and the external HTTPD, and is the recommended HTTP connector. Refer to Section 13.1.3, “Overview of HTTP Connectors” for an overview of all supported HTTP connectors, including advantages and disadvantages.
Unlike mod_jk, mod_proxy supports connections over HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Each of them also support the AJP protocol.
mod_proxy can be configured in standalone or load-balanced configurations, and it supports the notion of sticky sessions.
The mod_proxy module requires JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to have the HTTP or HTTPS web connector configured. This is part of the Web subsystem. Refer to Section 13.2.2, “Configure the Web Subsystem” for information on configuring the Web subsystem.