13.7.2. Configure the NSAPI Connector on Oracle Solaris


The NSAPI connector is a module that runs within Oracle iPlanet Web Server.


Procedure 13.15. Task

  1. Extract the JBoss Native Components package.

    The rest of this procedure assumes that the Native Components package is extracted to a directory called connectors/ in /opt/oracle/webserver7/config/. For the rest of this procedure, this directory will be referred to as IPLANET_CONFIG. If your Oracle iPlanet configuration directory is different, or you are running Oracle iPlanet Web Server 6, modify the procedure accordingly.
  2. Disable servlet mappings.

    Open the IPLANET_CONFIG/default.web.xml file and locate the section with the heading Built In Server Mappings. Disable the mappings to the following three servlets, by wrapping them in XML comment characters (<!-- and -->).
    • default
    • invoker
    • jsp
    The following example configuration shows the disabled mappings.
    <!-- ============== Built In Servlet Mappings =============== -->
    <!-- The servlet mappings for the built in servlets defined above. -->
    <!-- The mapping for the default servlet -->
    <!-- The mapping for the invoker servlet -->
    <!-- The mapping for the JSP servlet -->
    Save and exit the file.
  3. Configure the iPlanet Web Server to load the NSAPI connector module.

    Add the following lines to the end of the IPLANET_CONFIG/magnus.conf file, modifying file paths to suit your configuration. These lines define the location of the nsapi_redirector.so module, as well as the workers.properties file, which lists the worker nodes and their properties.
    Init fn="load-modules" funcs="jk_init,jk_service" shlib="IPLANET_CONFIG/connectors/lib/nsapi_redirector.so" shlib_flags="(global|now)"
    Init fn="jk_init" worker_file="IPLANET_CONFIG/connectors/workers.properties" log_level="debug" log_file="IPLANET_CONFIG/config/connectors/nsapi.log" shm_file="IPLANET_CONFIG/conf/connectors/jk_shm"
    The configuration above is for a 32-bit architecture. If you use 64-bit Solaris, change the string lib/nsapi_redirector.so to lib64/nsapi_redirector.so.
    Save and exit the file.
  4. Configure the NSAPI connector.

    You can configure the NSAPI connector for a basic configuration, with no load balancing, or a load-balancing configuration. Choose one of the following options, after which your configuration will be complete.