3.3.6. Use the Management CLI in Batch Mode

Procedure 3.12. Task

Batch processing allows a number of operation requests to be grouped in a sequence and executed together as a unit. If any of the operation requests in the sequence fail, the entire group of operations is rolled back.
  1. Enter batch mode

    Enter batch mode with the batch command.
    [standalone@localhost:9999 /] batch
    [standalone@localhost:9999 / #]
    Batch mode is indicated by the hash symbol (#) in the prompt.
  2. Add operation requests to the batch

    Once in batch mode, enter operation requests as normal. The operation requests are added to the batch in the order they are entered.
    Refer to Section 3.3.7, “Use Operations and Commands in the Management CLI” for details on formatting operation requests.
  3. Run the batch

    Once the entire sequence of operation requests is entered, run the batch with the run-batch command.
    [standalone@localhost:9999 / #] run-batch
    The batch executed successfully.

The entered sequence of operation requests is completed as a batch.