2.8.3. Stop a Server Using the Management Console

Procedure 2.5. Task

  1. Navigate to Server Instances in the Management Console

    1. Select the Runtime tab from the top-right of the console.
    2. Select Domain StatusServer Instances from the menu on the left of the console.
    Server Instances

    Figure 2.4. Server Instances

  2. Select a server

    From the list of Server Instances, select the server you want to stop. Servers that are running are indicated by a check mark.
  3. Click the Stop button

    Click on the Stop button above the server list to open the confirmation dialogue box. Click the Confirm button to start the server.
    Confirm server modification

    Figure 2.5. Confirm server modification


The selected server is stopped.

Stopped server

Figure 2.6. Stopped server