1.2. New and Changed Features in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is a certified implementation of the Java Enterprise Edition 6 Full Profile and Web Profile specifications.
  • A Managed Domain provides centralized management of multiple server instances and physical hosts, while a Standalone Server allows for a single server instance.
  • Configurations, deployments, socket bindings, modules, extensions, and system properties can all be managed per server group.
  • The Management Console and Management CLI are brand new interfaces for managing your domain or standalone JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 instance. There is no longer any need to edit XML configuration files by hand. The Management CLI even offers batch mode, so that you can script and automate management tasks.
  • Application security, including security domains, are managed centrally for simplified configuration.
  • The directory layout of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 has been simplified. The modules/ directory now contains the application server modules, instead of using common and server-specific lib/ directories. The domain/ and standalone/ directories contain the artifacts and configuration files for domain and standalone deployments.
  • The classloading mechanism has been made completely modular, so that modules are loaded and unloaded on demand. This provides performance and security benefits, as well as very fast start-up and restart times.
  • Datasource management is streamlined. Database drivers can be deployed just like other services. In addition, datasources are created and managed directly in the Management Console or Management CLI.
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 starts and stops very quickly, which is especially beneficial to developers. It uses fewer resources and is extremely efficient in its use of system resources.