13.2.8. About the Stand-Alone HTTPD

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is tested and supported with the Apache HTTPD which is included with certified versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Apache HTTPD is also available for other configurations, such as Microsoft Windows Server. However, since Apache HTTPD is a separate product produced by the Apache Foundation, it used to be difficult to be sure that the version of Apache HTTPD a customer used was compatible with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
A stand-alone Apache HTTPD bundle is now included as a separate download with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. This simplifies installation and configuration in environments other than Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or on systems which already have a configured HTTPD and want to use a separate instance for web applications. You can download this HTTPD as a separate download in the Customer Service Portal, listed under the available JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 downloads for your installation platform.