16.6.2. Configure the EJB3 timer Service

JBoss Administrators can configure the EJB3 Timer Service in the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Management Console. The features that can be configured are the thread pool that is used for scheduled bean invocation and the directory where the Timer Service data is stored.

Procedure 16.19. Configure the EJB3 Timer Service

  1. Login

    Login to the Management Console.
  2. Open the Timer Service Tab

    Click on Profile in the top right, expand the Container item in the Profile panel on the left and select EJB 3. Select the Services tab from the main panel and then the Timer Service tab.
    Timer Service tab of the EJB3 Services panel

    Figure 16.11. Timer Service tab of the EJB3 Services panel

  3. Enter Edit Mode

    Click the Edit Button. The fields become editable.
  4. Make the Required Changes.

    You can select a different EJB3 thread pool used for the Timer Service if additional thread pools have been configured, and you can change the directory used to save the Timer Service data. The Timer Service data directory configuration consists of two values: Path, the directory that data is stored in; and Relative To, the directory which contains Path. By default Relative To is set to a Filesystem Path Variable.
  5. Save or Cancel

    Click the Save button to keep the changes, or click the Cancel link to discard them.