13.4.2. Configure the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to Communicate with Apache Mod_jk


The mod_jk HTTP connector has a single component, the mod_jk.so module loaded by the HTTPD. This module receives client requests and forwards them to the container, in this case the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform also needs to be configured to accept these requests and send replies back to the HTTPD.

In order for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to be able to communicate with the Apache HTTPD, it needs to have the AJP/1.3 HTTPD connector enabled. This connector is present by default in the following configurations:
  • In a managed domain, in server groups using the ha and full-ha profiles, and the ha or full-ha socket binding group. The other-server-group server group is configured correctly in a default installation.
  • In a standalone server, the standalone-ha profile is provided for clustered configurations. to start the standalone server with this profile, issue the following command, from the EAP_HOME/ directory.
    [user@host bin]$ ./bin/standalone-sh --server-config=standalone-ha.xml