13.2.9. Install the Apache HTTPD included with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6


  • You need root or administrator access to complete this task.

Procedure 13.4. Task

  1. Navigate to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform downloads list for your platform, on the Red Hat Customer Service Portal.

    Log in to the Red Hat Customer Service Portal at https://access.redhat.com. Using the menus at the top, choose Downloads, JBoss Enterprise Middleware,Downloads. Select Application Platform from the combo box. Another combo box appears. Select the version of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to see available downloads for that version.
  2. Choose the HTTPD binary from the list.

    Find the HTTPD binary for your operating system and architecture. Click the Download link. A ZIP file containing the HTTPD distribution downloads to your computer.
  3. Extract the ZIP to the system where the HTTPD binary will run.

    Extract the ZIP to your preferred web server, to a location of your choice. It often makes sense to place this inside the directory where you installed the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, commonly referred to as EAP_HOME. In this case, your HTTPD would be located in EAP_HOME/httpd/. You can now use this location for HTTPD_HOME, as found in other JBoss Enterprise Application Platform documentation.
  4. Configure the HTTPD.

    Configure the HTTPD to meet the needs of your organization. You can use the documentation available from the Apache Foundation at http://httpd.apache.org/ for general guidance.
  5. Start the HTTPD.

    Start the HTTPD using the following command:
    EAP_HOME/sbin/apachectl start
  6. Stop the HTTPD.

    To stop the HTTPD, issue the following command:
    EAP_HOME/sbin/apachectl stop