18.3.6. About Terminating and Restarting with JON

One of the benefits of a cloud environment is the ease by which you can terminate and launch a machine instance. You can also launch an instance identical to the initial one. This may cause issues if the new instance tries to register with JON servers using the same agent name as the previously running agent. If this happens the JON server will not allow an agent to reconnect with a missing or non-matching identification token.
To avoid this, ensure that terminated agents are removed from the JON inventory before trying to connect an agent with the same name or specify the correct identification token when starting new agent.
Another issue that you might encounter is when an agent machine is assigned a new VPN IP address that no longer matches the address recorded in the JON configuration. An example might include a machine that is restarted or where a VPN connection is terminated. In this case, it is recommended that you bind the JON agent's life cycle to the VPN connection's life cycle. If the connection drops, you can stop the agent. When the connection is restored again, update JON_AGENT_ADDR in /etc/sysconfig/jon-agent-ec2 to reflect the new IP address and restart the agent.
Information on how to change the agent's IP address can be found in the Configuring JON Servers and Agents Guide available at https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/JBoss_Operations_Network/.
If there are a high number of instances launched and/or terminated it can become impractical to add and remove them manually from the JON inventory. JON's scripting capabilities can be used for automate these steps. Refer to the JON documentation for further information.