2.10.4. Load a Configuration Snapshot

Snapshots are a point-in-time copy of the current server instance. These copies can be saved and loaded by the administrator. The process of loading snapshots is similar to the method used to Section 2.10.2, “Start the Server with a Previous Configuration”, running from the command line rather than the Management CLI interface used to create, list and delete snapshots.
The following example uses the standalone.xml instance, but the same process applies to the domain.xml and host.xml models.

Procedure 2.6. Task

  1. Identify the snapshot to be loaded. This example will recall the following file from the snapshot directory. The default path for the snapshot files is as follows.
    The snapshots are expressed by their relative paths, by which the above example can be written as follows.
  2. Start the server with the selected snapshot instance by passing in the filename.
    EAP_HOME/bin/standalone.sh --server-config=standalone_xml_history/snapshot/20110913-164449522standalone.xml

The server restarts with the selected snapshot profile.