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Problems happen. Get support when and how you need it. In this learning path, we'll explore how you can solve potential issues on your own, with the help of the Red Hat Community, or through Red Hat Support.  

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Access Red Hat Support and Customer Service

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If you're experiencing problems with your products or account, the Red Hat Support and Customer Service teams are ready to assist.

Red Hat Support

If you are an authorized user with a Red Hat subscription, you can contact Red Hat Support for help with product issues. 

To access Red Hat Support from the Customer Portal homepage:

  1. Select Support from the main navigation.
  2. Select Red Hat Support.


  1. Select Get Support from the header. 

From the support landing page, you will see three options for getting support - opening a support case, live chat, and calling a support expert. In this resource, we will focus on opening a support case

Case management

After opening the support case application, you will see all support cases associated with your account and their status.

Here are some helpful tips for organizing your support case inventory:

  • Use the Filter column on the left side of your screen to filter support cases in your dashboard by account, severity, status, and more. 
  • Select Columns to adjust which columns are shown on your support case dashboard. 
    • The Status column may be a good feature to add to your display. There you can see whether the case is "Waiting on Customer" to perform an action, "Waiting on Red Hat" to perform an action or "Closed."

Selecting a hyperlinked Case ID will open a detailed view of that specific support case. From the detailed view, you will see who is assigned to your request, a record of conversations between the user and the support associate, and other information for that case. 

Not all users will be able to manage support cases. Your account's organization administrator sets up those permissions.

New cases

To open a new case, select the Get support button in the upper corner of your screen. 

From there, the support application will prompt you to fill out the necessary fields. Here are some helpful tips when opening a support case:

  • Be as detailed as possible in summarizing your problem
    • Include relevant keywords
    • Provide exact error messages
  • Include steps you've already taken to try and solve the problem
  • Upload a file to help us analyze the problem

Red Hat Support will process your request, and you will be able to see its status and detailed view once assigned a Case ID.

Visit the Red Hat Support application

Red Hat Customer Service

Contact Red Hat Customer Service for help with account, user, or subscription issues. 

To access Customer Service from the Customer Portal homepage:
  1. Select Support from the main navigation.
  2. Select Contact Red Hat Support.
  3. Select Customer Service.
Contacting Customer Service

Customer Service contact methods are organized by region and country and are available in local languages.  

Visit the Customer Service directory

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