Write server-side JavaScript applications with Node.js

Red Hat build of Node.js is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and makes it possible to run JavaScript outside of a browser. Its small size, fast startup, and high developer productivity makes it versatile in almost any use case.  From Microservices to embedded software, it provides an I/O model based on events and non-blocking operations that enables you to write efficient applications.

Red Hat build of Node.js makes it even easier to run Node.js applications and services on OpenShift while providing all the advantages and conveniences of the OpenShift platform such as:

  • Rolling updates
  • Continuous delivery pipelines
  • Service discovery
  • Externalized Configuration

Product Policies and Support Programs

Life Cycle Policies

Red Hat offers support and maintenance over stated time periods for the major versions of Node.js.


Full Production/Development support

Developer support from Red Hat with Node.js expertise. Node.js upstream support for “New Feature Request”. Support for microservice libraries, developer tools (such as NodeShift) and starter apps. Hotfix for Severe Production issues that helps you avoid the long downtime. 


Node.js is a runtime that embodies the features commonly needed for Reactive Programming including Callbacks, Promises, streams, and Asynchronous behavior making it a great fit for your reactive deployments.

Circuit Breaker

Executes asynchronous functions and monitors their execution status. When failures start to occur the circuit is tripped, and fails fast.  A fallback function can be configured to be executed when in the failure state.


Opinionated command line application and programmable API that you can use to deploy Node.js projects to OpenShift.

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