Red Hat Runtimes: Component Details Overview

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This page describes the runtime components available as part of the Red Hat Runtimes release. Artifacts listed in component details pages are available in the Red Hat General Availability Maven Repository.

Supportability of Third-Party Runtime Components
Red Hat provides varying degrees of support for selected third-party runtime components included in this release of RHOAR. For details on the available supportability tiers for Spring Boot runtime components and for third-party frameworks used with Red Hat support for Spring Boot, see the Supported Configurations.

Red Hat support for Spring Boot Component Details

Other Version(s) of available Spring Boot. (Not Supported)

Red Hat has ended the extended support for the Spring Boot 1.5 versions starting on August 1, 2019 in alignment with the Spring Boot 1.5 End of Life Support in the community.

What does this mean?

Support, CVE fix(s), and bug fixes for Red Hat Extended Support for Spring Boot 1.5 will no longer be available. If your organization is using this version, to avoid disruption you will need to upgrade to the version that is supported.

Eclipse Vert.x Component Details

Thorntail / WildFly Swarm Component Details

Red Hat build of Node.js Component Details