JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository

Welcome to the Red Hat JBoss Middleware Maven Repository.

Artifacts in the repository do not receive automated security patches as Maven requires that artifacts be immutable. As a result, artifacts that are missing patches for known security flaws will remain in the repository to avoid breaking builds that depend on them. Patched artifacts have their version number incremented.

If you deploy these artifacts into a production environment then you should check the Red Hat Customer Portal for potential security patches and apply them accordingly. For more details, see How Red Hat Ships JBoss Security Updates.

Use of the Maven repository and its support is provided as part of Red Hat’s Development Scope Of Coverage.

Getting Started

The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 documentation contains detailed instructions on how to configure Maven repositories. We also have additional instructions for Eclipse/JBoss Developer Studio users.

It is highly recommended you use a repository manager to proxy access to external Maven repositories to allow for caching and monitoring.

You can choose between the general availability repository (GA releases) and the early access repository (Alpha and Beta builds).

If you have any problems switching to this online Maven repository from the offline .zip then take a look at the following Knowledge Base Article.

If you have any other support questions please raise a support case with Red Hat Support.