Development Support Scope of Coverage

If we ship it, we...


  • Installation
  • Account and Developer tools setup
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug reporting

Give development advice on

  • Application architecture
  • Application design
  • Best practices
  • Tuning
  • Application porting
  • Developer tools/plugins within the context of an active software subscription

Do not support

  • Production application issues
  • Wholesale application debugging
  • Modified RPMs or other modified packages
  • Red Hat Extras/Supplementary/Optional channels
  • Third-party products
  • Technology Preview features (more details)
  • Modified NPM node modules

A software subscription to Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio does not provide Development or Production Support, but it does entitle you to major and minor software releases as they become available. However, patches are not included as part of this entitlement. Note that some Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio features may receive Development Support through separate Red Hat JBoss software subscriptions for products that use those features as development tools.