Red Hat build of Node.js 14 LTS Component Details

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The page lists important details about the Red Hat build of Node.js 14 LTS Components. Refer to the Red Hat build of Node.js Supported Configurations1 for additional releases.

Supportability of modules/framework

Red Hat build of Node.js 2 provides support for the following listed components as per the policies defined in the Node.js Module and Framework Support Policies article 3

Module or Framework Source 4 Support Level
Opossum for Node.js Opossum 5.x Fully Supported
Express for Node.js Express.js 4.x Tested and Verified
Pino for Node.js Pino 7.x Tested and Verified
Prometheus Client for Node.js Prom-Client 14.x Tested and Verified
Kube Service Bindings for Node.js Kube-Service-Bindings 1.x Tested and Verified