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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8

About Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8


Red Hat® OpenStack Platform delivers an integrated foundation to create, deploy, and scale a secure and reliable public or private OpenStack cloud.


Automated upgrades and updates

Director 8 provides automated system updates and upgrades both for Director and for core OpenStack service components, simplifying the previously challenging upgrade process and creating greater efficiency and stability for long-term production deployments.

IPv6 Director support for overcloud and now undercloud

Adding to the current support for IPv6 in the overcloud, Director 8 now adds IPv6 support for the infrastructure undercloud, allowing Director to interface with other networks inside the production environment. Director 8 will provide functionality for a “single stack” form, providing network operators the choice of deploying a v4 or v6 network, side-by-side.

Improved guest VM high availability

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 now introduces improved time-of-detection of node failures and automated evacuation of guests. With this improvement, the Pacemaker tool notifies the Nova compute host of its failure more quickly and forces the node to begin the evacuation procedures to better ensure VM uptime.

Virt IO Networking Performance

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 delivers improved network performance, providing significant value for businesses that rely heavily on network performance – such as telecommunications using virtualized network functions (VNF). Specifically, version 8 now supports multiple VirtIO-net queues, resulting in greater throughput for large packet processing for guests that are active on several networking connections simultaneously. The new multiple queue feature provides matching queues to the number of vCPUs, providing significant performance improvements.

Get Started with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

For a basic x86_64 installation, you'll need:

System Requirements

Your hardware should meet the system requirements.

A Network Connection

A public network connection will be used to register and download software.

Download software

Copy to media for installation

Burn the ISO image to DVD or create a bootable USB medium , which will be used to install the Hypervisor.

Install Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8

  1. 1

    Perform a minimal installation for RHEL 7 on a physical system. See getting started for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for more details.

  2. 2

    Subscribe the system via Red Hat Subscription Management and confirm that an OpenStack subscription is attached:

    # subscription-manager register

    # subscription-manager list --consumed

    If an OpenStack subscription is not attached immediately, see the documentation for manually attaching subscriptions .

  3. 3

    Plan your installation

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

    Create the overcloud


Getting started with OpenStack

Getting started

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Additional Resources

OpenStack: Components Overview

Components overview

Wesley Duffee-Braun introduces OpenStack, discusses its components, and demos the Horizon dashboard.

Additional Resources

Verifying Keystone in OpenStack

Verify Keystone

In this training demo, Adolfo Vazquez shows how to review Keystone configuration performed by PackStack.

Troubleshooting Keystone in OpenStack

Troubleshooting Keystone

In this video, Adolfo Vazquez demonstrates breaking the Keystone component of the Glance service for OpenStack, and then shows how to troubleshoot and resolve the broken state.

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Red Hat OpenStack Platform Updates

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Red Hat OpenStack Platform Life Cycle

Red Hat offers services for each major release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director Life Cycle

Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director is supported for two years. Each release will be backwards compatible with the previous two Red Hat OpenStack Platform core (starting with version 7).