Red Hat Integration

Red Hat Integration is a comprehensive set of integration and messaging technologies to connect applications and data across hybrid infrastructures. It is an agile, distributed, containerized, and API-centric solution.

Included with Red Hat Integration

Red Hat AMQ Broker

Red Hat AMQ—based on open source communities like Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Kafka—is a flexible messaging platform that delivers information reliably, enabling real-time integration and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).


Red Hat 3scale API Management

Red Hat 3scale API Management makes it easy to manage your APIs. Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs on an infrastructure platform built for performance, customer control, and future growth.


Streams for Apache Kafka

The streams for Apache Kafka component is a massively scalable, distributed, and high-performance data streaming platform based on the Apache Kafka project. It offers a distributed backbone that allows microservices and other applications to share data with high throughput and low latency.


Red Hat AMQ Interconnect

Red Hat AMQ Interconnect is a lightweight AMQP message router for building scalable, available, and performant messaging networks.


Red Hat build of Debezium

A distributed change data platform that captures row-level database changes so that applications can respond immediately.


Camel K integration

Designed for serverless and microservice architectures, Red Hat build of Camel K is a lightweight integration framework that runs natively in the cloud on OpenShift with use of Kamelets. Kamelets are custom resources that you install on OpenShift and use in Camel K integrations. These route components, in the form of encapsulated code, provide an efficient method for defining data sources and data sinks, allowing you to assemble data pipelines and accelerate your development efforts.


Red Hat build of Apache Camel

Red Hat build of Apache Camel is a powerful, versatile framework for application integration. It simplifies the process of connecting diverse systems with its modular, component-based architecture and intuitive interfaces. With its extensive library of connectors and data transformations, Red Hat build of Apache Camel makes it easy to connect any system, regardless of platform or protocol.


Red Hat Fuse

Red Hat Fuse, based on open source communities like Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ, is part of an agile integration solution. Its distributed approach allows teams to deploy integrated services where required.


Red Hat build of Apicurio Registry

Red Hat build of Apicurio Registry is a datastore for standard event schemas and API designs, and is based on the Apicurio Registry open source community project. Use Apicurio Registry to manage and share the structure of your data using a web console, REST API, Maven plug-in, or Java client.


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