Open Liberty is a lightweight open framework for building fast and efficient cloud-native Java microservices.

Open Liberty empowers you to build cloud-native apps and microservices while running only what you need. Open Liberty is a flexible server runtime for Java developers offering the latest versions of the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE specifications. 

Open Liberty is delivered in containers for deployment in OpenShift and provided in Zip archives for users who prefer to build their own containers for OpenShift.

Product Policies and Support Programs

Life Cycle Policies

Red Hat offers support and maintenance over stated time periods for the major versions of Open Liberty.



The modern way to implement microservices with vendor agnostic APIs, the MicroProfile specification provides the features like Metrics, Health Check, and Fault Tolerance required for a Cloud Native application.

Fast Startup & Low Footprint

Open Liberty is fast to start up with a low memory footprint and live reload for quick iteration. It’s simple to add and remove features from the latest versions of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, allowing you to deploy only the features you want.


The JakartaEE APIs implemented in Open Liberty provide Java EE users an off-ramp from the heavyweight application servers of yesterday to a modern application platform will little to no migration overhead. 

Developer Productivity

Open Liberty’s dev mode enables a developer to change source code, configuration, server features, or project dependencies without the need to rebuild an entire deployment artifact, increasing developer productivity by eliminating waiting times. 

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