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6.5. Using Container Tags

Tags are convenient for organizing images, especially when you operate with several versions of a containerized application. The following procedure shows how to use tags to search for images:

Procedure 6.11. To Search Registries by Tags:

  1. Navigate to ContentDocker tags.
  2. Use the search field to filter tags by the image name, tag, or repository name. Automatic suggestion works as you type. For example, the following query searches for tags applied on images from the repository named test_repo:
    repository = test_repo
  3. Click the name of the tag you want to view. Satellite displays a list of images that use this tag.
  4. Select an image to view its environment and content view version. The Published At field shows the URL that you can use to pull the image from the command line.
For the list of alternative comparison operators, see Supported Operators for Granular Search in the Server Administration Guide. By default, the search field recognizes the input string as a tag name. For example, type centos to search for all centos tags.