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3.2. Adding Repositories to the Content View

A repository provides storage for content. For example, a YUM repository, Puppet repository, or a Docker repository.
The Content View page contains a searchable list of content views. When searching for content views using the Search field, use an asterisk (*) to perform a partial string search.
For example, if searching for a content view named RHEL7_Base, entering RHEL7 will not return any results, instead enter RHEL7*. Alternatively, *Base* also retrieves the content view RHEL7_Base.

Procedure 3.2. To Associate a Repository with a Content View:

  1. Click ContentContent Views and choose the Content View to add repositories to.
  2. Depending on the type of content you want to store:
    • To add a Yum repository, click Yum Content and select Repositories from the drop-down menu. From the submenu, click Add. For example, to be able to install Katello agent on your host, you need to enable the Satellite Tools repository.
    • To add a Puppet repository, click Puppet Modules and click Add New Module.
    • To add a Docker repository, click Docker Content and click Add in the submenu.
  3. Select the repositories to add and click Add Repositories.