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6.2. Managing Repositories

This section shows how to create an internal repository for container images. You can use internal repositories to create containers as described in Section 6.1.1, “Creating Containers”.

6.2.1. Creating Repositories

Repositories provide a way to synchronize the container content either from the Red Hat Content Delivery Network or from other sources.

Procedure 6.8. To Create a Docker Repository:

  1. Navigate to ContentProducts. Click New Product, specify the product name and click Save.
  2. Select the product you created in the previous step and navigate to the Repositories tab. Click Create Repository.
  3. Specify the repository name and select docker from the Type drop-down menu. This unlocks additional fields where you specify the URL of the content source you want to synchronize in this registry. Specify which repository you want to pull from the content source in the Upstream Repository Name field.


    In the previous version of Red Hat Satellite it was possible to upload locally stored container images to the repository. With Red Hat Satellite 6.2, this is no longer possible.
  4. Click Save to create the repository. First the URL and repository name is validated, then the repository is created.