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Chapter 10. Configuring Hosts

In Red Hat Satellite, hosts are client systems which have Red Hat Subscription Manager installed. Red Hat Subscription Manager sends updates to Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Satellite provides updates to these client systems.
Hosts must be registered in order to be managed. After a host has been registered, it can be viewed and edited in the Hosts tab. This enables a user to add and manage subscriptions, add and remove software packages, and apply updates.

10.1. Browsing Hosts

The Satellite Server web UI provides an opportunity to browse all hosts recognized by the Satellite Server. Navigate to Hosts tab at the top of the screen to open the drop-down menu with the following items:
  • All Hosts - a list of all hosts recognized by the Satellite Server.
  • Discovered Hosts - a list of bare-metal hosts detected on the provisioning network by the Discovery plug-in.
  • Content Hosts - a list of hosts which manage tasks related to content and subscriptions.
  • Host Collections - a list of user-defined collections of hosts used for bulk actions such as Errata Installation.
To search for a host, type in the Search field, and use an asterisk (*) to perform a partial string search. For example, if searching for a content host named, click the Content Hosts page, type dev-node* in the Search field. Alternatively, *node* will also find the content host