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Join us in San Francisco at the 2018 Red Hat Summit

Christopher Robinson published on 2018-04-23T14:30:00+00:00, last updated 2018-04-23T14:51:02+00:00

This year’s Red Hat Summit will be held on May 8-10 in beautiful San Francisco, USA. Product Security will be joining many Red Hat security experts in presenting and assisting subscribers and partners at the show. Here is a sneak peek at the more than 125 sessions that a security-minded attendee can see at Summit this year.


Cloud Management and Automation

S1181 - Automating security and compliance for hybrid environments
S1467 - Live demonstration: Find it. Fix it. Before it breaks.
S1104 - Distributed API Management in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Containers and Openshift

S1049 - Best practices for securing the container life cycle
S1260 - Hitachi & Red Hat collaborate: container migration guide
S1220 - Network Security for Apps on OpenShift
S1225 - OpenShift for Operations
S1778 - Security oriented OpenShift within regulated environments
S1689 - Automating Openshift Secure Container Deployment at Experian

Infrastructure Modernization & Optimization

S1727 - Demystifying systemd
S1741 - Deploying SELinux successfully in production environments
S1329 - Operations Risk Remediation in Highly Secure Infrastructures
S1515 - Path to success with your Identity Management deployment
S1936 - Red Hat Satellite 6 power user tips and tricks
S1907 - Satellite 6 Securing Linux lifecycle in the Public Sector
S1931 - Security Enhanced Linux for Mere Mortals
S1288 - Smarter Infrastructure Management with Satellite & Insights

Middleware + Modern App Dev Security

S1896 - Red Hat API Management Overview, Security Models and Roadmap
S1863 - Red Hat Single Sign-On Present and Future
S1045 - Securing Apps & Services with Red Hat Single-Sign On
S2109 - Securing service mesh, micro services and modern applications with JWT
S1189 - Mobile in a containers world

Value of the Red Hat Subscription

S1916 - Exploiting Modern Microarchitectures: Meltdown, Spectre, and other hardware security vulnerabilities in modern processors
S2702 - The Value of a Red Hat Subscription

Roadmaps & From the Office of the CTO

S2502 - Charting new territories with Red Hat
S9973 - Getting strategic about security
S1017 - Red Hat Security Roadmap : It's a Lifestyle, Not a Product
S1000 - Red Hat Security Roadmap for Hybrid Cloud
S1890 - What's new in security for Red Hat OpenStack Platform?

Instructor-Led Security Labs

L1007, L1007R - A practical introduction to container security (3rd ed.)
L1036 - Defend Yourself Using Built-in RHEL Security Technologies
L1034, L1034R - Implementing Proactive Security and Compliance Automation
L1051 - Linux Container Internals: Part 1
L1052 - Linux Container Internals: Part 2
L1019 - OpenShift + RHSSO = happy security teams and happy users
L1106, L1106R - Practical OpenSCAP
L1055 - Up and Running with Red Hat Identity Management

Security Mini-Topic Sessions

M1022 - A problem's not a problem, until it's a problem (Red Hat Insights)
M1140 - Blockchain: How to identify good use cases
M1087 - Monitor and automate infrastructure risk in 15 minutes or less

Security Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

B1009 - Connecting the Power of Data Security and Privacy
B1990 - Grafeas to gate your deployment pipeline
B1046 - I'm a developer. What do I need to know about security?
B1048 - Provenance and Deployment Policy
B1062 - The Red Hat Security BoF - Ask us (most) anything
B1036 - Virtualization: a study
B2112 - Shift security left - and right - in the container lifecycle

Security Panels

P1757 - DevSecOps with disconnected OpenShift
P1041 - Making IoT real across industries

Security Workshops

W1025 - Satellite and Insights Test-drive

On top of the sessions, Red Hat Product Security will be there playing fun educational games like our Flawed and Branded card game and the famous GAME SHOW! GAME SHOW!

No matter what your interest or specialty is, Red Hat Summit definitely has something for you. Come learn more about the security features and practices around our products! We're looking forward to seeing you there!


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