Red Hat Security Blog: September 2014 archives

  • Enterprise Linux 5.10 to 5.11 risk report

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 was released this month (September 2014), eleven months since the release of 5.10 in October 2013. So, as usual, let's use this opportunity to take a look back over the vulnerabilities and security updates made in that time, specifically for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is in Production 3 phase, being over seven years since general availability in March 2007, and will receive security updates until March 31st 2017. Errata count The...
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  • TLS landscape

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) or, as it was known in the beginnings of the Internet, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the technology responsible for securing communications between different devices. It is used everyday by nearly everyone using the globe-spanning network. Let's take a closer look at how TLS is used by servers that underpin the World Wide Web and how the promise of security is actually executed. Adoption Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in versions 1.1 and older make encryption...
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