Red Hat Security Blog: April 2018 archives

  • What is tar and why does OpenShift Container Application Platform use it?

    Tar is a Posix standard archiving utility originally meant for making tape archives; one of tar's most enduring uses has been for system backups. Tar can take everything that is stored on a filesystem and store it in a structured file, including special files such as links and devices. This capability has made tar a popular storage format for more than 38 years. Red Hat's OpenShift Container Application Platform is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that integrates many Red Hat software components...
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  • Join us in San Francisco at the 2018 Red Hat Summit

    This year’s Red Hat Summit will be held on May 8-10 in beautiful San Francisco, USA. Product Security will be joining many Red Hat security experts in presenting and assisting subscribers and partners at the show. Here is a sneak peek at the more than 125 sessions that a security-minded attendee can see at Summit this year. Sessions Cloud Management and Automation S1181 - Automating security and compliance for hybrid environments S1467 - Live demonstration: Find it. Fix it. Before it breaks....
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  • Certificate Transparency and HTTPS

    Google has announced that on April 30, 2018, Chrome will: “...require that all TLS server certificates issued after 30 April, 2018 be compliant with the Chromium CT Policy. After this date, when Chrome connects to a site serving a publicly-trusted certificate that is not compliant with the Chromium CT Policy, users will begin seeing a full page interstitial indicating their connection is not CT-compliant. Sub-resources served over https connections that are not CT-compliant will fail to load...
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