Red Hat Security Blog: April 2015 archives

  • Regular expressions and recommended practices

    Whenever a security person crosses a vulnerability report, one of the the first steps is to ensure that the reported problem is actually a vulnerability. Usually, the issue falls into well known and studied categories and this step is done rather quickly. Occasionally, however, one can come across bugs where this initial triage is a bit more problematic. This blog post is about such an issue, which will ultimately lead us to the concept of “recommended practice”. What happened? On July 31st...
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  • Don't judge the risk by the logo

    It's been almost a year since the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability, a flaw which started a trend of the branded vulnerability, changing the way security vulnerabilities affecting open-source software are being reported and perceived. Vulnerabilities are found and fixed all the time, and just because a vulnerability gets a name and a fancy logo doesn't mean it is of real risk to users. So let's take a tour through the last year of vulnerabilities, chronologically, to see what issues got branded...
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