Red Hat Security Blog: June 2007 archives

  • Third-party severity ratings

    The National Vulnerability Database provides a public severity rating for all CVE named vulnerabilities, "Low" "Medium" and "High", which they generate automatically based on the CVSS score their analysts calculate for each issue. I've been interested for some time to see how well those map to the severity ratings that Red Hat give to issues. We use the same ratings and methodology as Microsoft and others use, assigning "Critical" for things that have the ability to be remotely exploited...
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  • Three months of Enterprise Linux 5

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 was released back in March 2007 so let's take a quick look back over the first three months of security updates to the Server distribution: We released updates to ten packages on the day we shipped the product. These is because we freeze packages some months before releasing the product (more information about this policy). Only one of those updates was rated critical, an update to Firefox. For the three months following release we shipped 31 more advisories to...
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