Red Hat Security Blog: November 2012 archives

  • How Red Hat ships JBoss security updates

    JBoss security updates When security flaws are discovered in JBoss products, the Red Hat Security Response Team works to resolve them on a prioritized basis. Flaws are rated according to a four-point scale: low, moderate, important, and critical. For details on the process of rating flaws, refer to How Red Hat rates JBoss security flaws. Flaws of low impact are typically deferred, to be resolved in the next minor release of the affected products. Flaws of moderate or higher impact are typically...
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  • Red Hat is now CWE Compatible

    Red Hat is pleased to announce it has attained Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) compatibility. The CWE Compatibility and Effectiveness Program is a formal review and evaluation process for declaring products and services as CWE-Compatible and CWE-Effective. For the last few months, Red Hat was engaged in the CWE Compatibility and Effectiveness Program and worked towards fulfilling its requirements. These requirements included providing a common language for discussing, identifying, and dealing...
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