Red Hat Security Blog: March 2017 archives

  • Customer security awareness: alerting you to vulnerabilities that are of real risk

    Every day we are bombarded with information. Something is always happening somewhere to someone and unfortunately it's rarely good. Looking at this through the lens of information security, NOT getting the right details at the appropriate time could be the difference from stopping and blocking an attack, or being the next sad, tragic headline... Red Hat Product Security oversees the vulnerability remediation for all of Red Hat's products. Our dual mission of governing guidelines and standards...
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  • Red Hat Product Security Risk Report 2016

    At Red Hat, our dedicated Product Security team analyzes threats and vulnerabilities against all our products and provides relevant advice and updates through the Red Hat Customer Portal. Customers can rely on this expertise to help them quickly address the issues that can cause high risks and avoid wasting time or effort on those that don’t. Red Hat delivers certified, signed, supported versions of the open source solutions that enable cost-effective innovation for the enterprise. This is the...
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