Red Hat Security Blog: June 2015 archives

  • The hidden costs of embargoes

    It's 2015 and it's pretty clear the Open Source way has largely won as a development model for large and small projects. But when it comes to security we still practice a less-than-open model of embargoes with minimal or, in some cases, no community involvement. With the transition to more open development tools, such as Gitorious and GitHub, it is now time for the security process to change and become more open. The problem In general the argument for embargoes simply consists of "we'll fix...
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  • Emergency Security Band-Aids with Systemtap

    Software security vulnerabilities are a fact of life. So is the subsequent publicity, package updates, and suffering service restarts. Administrators are used to it, and users bear it, and it's a default and traditional method. On the other hand, in some circumstances the update & restart methods are unacceptable, leading to the development of online fix facilities like kpatch, where code may be surgically replaced in a running system. There is plenty of potential in these systems, but they...
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