Red Hat Security Blog: January 2017 archives

  • Debugging a kernel in QEMU/libvirt

    A kernel bug announced on oss-security list claims to create a situation in which memory corruption can panic the system, by causing an integer used in determining the size of TCP send and receive buffers to be a negative value. Red Hat engineering sometimes backports security fixes and features from the current kernel, diverging the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel from upstream and causing some security issues to no longer apply. This blog post shows how to use live kernel debugging to...
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  • Deprecation of Insecure Algorithms and Protocols in RHEL 6.9

    Cryptographic protocols and algorithms have a limited lifetime—much like everything else in technology. Algorithms that provide cryptographic hashes and encryption as well as cryptographic protocols have a lifetime after which they are considered either too risky to use or plain insecure. In this post, we will describe the changes planned for the 6.9 release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, which is already on Production Phase 2. Balancing Legacy Use Cases and Modern Threats For the RHEL...
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