Red Hat Security Blog: February 2018 archives

  • Let's talk about PCI-DSS

    For those who aren’t familiar with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), it is the standard that is intended to protect our credit card data as it flows between systems and is stored in company databases. PCI-DSS requires that all vulnerabilities rated equal to, or higher than, CVSS 4.0 must be addressed by PCI-DSS compliant organizations (notably, those which process and/or store cardholder data). While this was done with the best of intentions, it has had an impact on many...
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  • JDK approach to address deserialization Vulnerability

    Java Deserialization of untrusted data has been a security buzzword for the past couple of years with almost every application using native Java serialization framework being vulnerable to Java deserialization attacks. Since it's inception, there have been many scattered attempts to come up with a solution to best address this flaw. This article focuses on Java deserialization vulnerability and explains how Oracle provides a mitigation framework in it's latest Java Development Kit (JDK) version...
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