Red Hat Quay Life Cycle Policy


Red Hat provides a published product life cycle for Red Hat Quay, in order for customers and partners to effectively plan, deploy, and support their infrastructure. Red Hat publishes this life cycle in an effort to provide as much transparency as possible and may make exceptions from these policies as conflicts may arise.

All released errata will remain accessible to active subscribers across the entire life cycle for a major version.

Customers are expected to upgrade Red Hat Quay to the most current supported version of the product in a timely fashion. Bug fixes and features are targeted for the latest versions of the product (Full Support Phase), though some allowance may be given for critical security risk items for the prior release (Maintenance Support Phase). See below for more information on Production Phases.

Lifecycle Dates

Lifecycle Phases

This life cycle encompasses stated support phases, delimited by the minor releases of Red Hat Quay. The life cycle for each minor version (e.g. 3.10) of Red Hat Quay is split into production phases, each identifying the various levels of maintenance over a period of time from the initial release date.

Starting with Quay 3.10, Red Hat has altered the Quay lifecycle to better align and support Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and moved to a Platform Aligned Life Cycle. With these changes the Quay product will now have defined Full, Maintenance and Extended Life Phases (if/when offered), with corresponding date projections that match those of the corresponding OCP minor version. The actual GA (General Availability) date of a new minor version of Red Hat Quay will be within 4 weeks of the release date of the aligned OpenShift minor version. This is a change compared to the prior rolling life cycle, which was release dependent.

Full Support

Full support is provided according to the published Scope of Coverage and Service Level Agreement. Likewise, Development Support is provided according to the published Scope of Coverage and Service Level Agreement.

During the Full Support Phase, qualified Critical and Important Security Advisories (RHSAs) and Urgent and Selected High Priority Bug Fix advisories (RHBAs) will be released as they become available; all other available fix and qualified patches may be released via periodic updates. Customers are expected to upgrade their Quay Enterprise environment to the most current supported minor version. On request, and at Red Hat’s discretion, qualified Critical Security errata advisories (RHSAs) and Critical Bug Fix errata advisories (RHBAs) may be made available for non-current minor versions.

Maintenance Support

During the Maintenance Support phase, qualified Critical and Important Security errata advisories (RHSAs) and Urgent and Selected High Priority Bug Fix errata advisories (RHBAs) will be released as they become available. Other bug fix (RHBA) and enhancement (RHEA) errata advisories may be released at Red Hat’s discretion, but should not be expected.

At the end of the maintenance support period no errata or software updates will be provided for the minor release.

Extended Life Phase

During the Extended Life Phase, no further Errata are planned to be released. Technical support will remain available throughout this period.

At the end of the extended life phase, software and documentation will continue to be available to customers, no technical support will be provided other than to provide assistance to upgrade to a supported version.

Layered and Dependant Components

Red Hat Quay provides the flexibility to use or connect to technologies provided by Red Hat, our partners or third party vendors. All dependent technologies may maintain an independent life cycle from Red Hat Quay. As a result, it is important that you check with the technology providers to see how that technology is tested, certified and supported.

Red Hat Quay Security Scanner - Clair

Clair is the component which powers the Red Hat Quay security scanner. Whilst Red Hat strives to align a Clair release with Red Hat Quay, Clair may be delivered as an independent release stream. Red Hat will ensure that Clair releases are supported per the support phase for their corresponding Red Hat Quay minor release. The versions of Clair released which are supported on Red Hat Quay will be outlined in the Tested Configurations Matrix.