Developer Preview Support Scope

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Red Hat provides access to pre-release, optional and separately installable versions of technology, components or features as Developer Preview (also known as “Dev Preview”). These pre-release versions contain functionality that Red Hat is considering for possible inclusion into supported versions in order to collect feedback about the feature(s).


Developer Preview versions are provided to expose features from upstream communities allowing early adopters and integrators to explore and interact with new capabilities in advance of their possible inclusion in a Red Hat product offering.

Support Scope

Important Aspects of Developer Previews:

  • Developer Preview versions are not fully tested by Red Hat and are not intended to run in production environments or for production use cases.
  • Developer Preview releases, components, or features are not supported in any way by Red Hat.
  • Customers exploring Developer Preview content are encouraged to provide feedback via the communication mechanisms typically documented in the release notes.
  • Customers exploring Developer Preview content must accept that there may not be any migration path from the Developer Preview to General Availability (GA) release installations. A full installation of the GA version may be required and any customer data may be need to be migrated or may be lost.
  • Participation with Developer Preview versions is completely optional and versions are subject to change or removal at any time.
  • Red Hat is not obligated to support Developer Preview functionality in any way, either currently or in any future versions.

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