Subscription Manager list shows "Status Details: Not covered by a valid subscription"

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM)


  • Subscription Manager list shows "Status Details: Not covered by a valid subscription"
# subscription-manager list
  Status:         Not Subscribed
  Status Details: Not covered by a valid subscription.


  • Subscribe to the system by executing the following commands:
# subscription-manager refresh
  • Check the available subscriptions:
# subscription-manager list --available --all
  • Attach the subscription using the subscription Pool ID or automatically:
# subscription-manager attach --pool=<Pool Id>
# subscription-manager attach --auto

Root Cause

  • The system is not subscribed with any active subscription.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Confirm whether the system is registered with RHSM, run any yum command like:
    # yum repolist
  • Check the system profiles in the portal and verify whether this system is identified as a virtual system or not.
   Type: System: Virtual ?
  • Check the below package whether installed on the system
     # rpm -qa virt*
  • Verify the following subscription manager's command line outputs
    # subscription-manager status
    # subscription-manager list --consumed
  • Verify whether the required subscription is available in the following command's output
    # subscription-manager list --available --all
  • Check whether the product certificate is present under the following directory
    # ll  /etc/pki/product
  • Check the socket information of the system
    # cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep '^processor'|wc -l
    # subscription-manager facts | grep -i socket

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Doesn't apply to RHEL 7 users who have this same problem.

cat proc/cpuinfo | grep '^processor'|wc -l

has a typo there should be a forward slash before the proc

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep '^processor'|wc -l