When trying to update or register, Satellite 5 fails with "Error Class Code: 9 Error Class Info: Invalid System Credentials"

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL)
  • Red Hat Satellite 5


  • While updating or registering the system, getting the following error:
Error Message:
    Please run rhn_register as root on this client
        Error Class Code: 9
        Error Class Info: Invalid System Credentials.
  • satellite-sync fails with Error Class Code: 9
10:48:11 Red Hat Network Satellite - live synchronization
10:48:11    url: https://satellite.rhn.redhat.com
10:48:11    debug/output level: 1
ERROR: there was a problem synchronizing the information.
       Error message:
Error Message:
    Please run rhn_register (or up2date --register on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or later)
                    as root on this client
Error Class Code: 9
Error Class Info: Invalid System Credentials.
  • When registering a RHUI client an Error Class Code: 9 is displayed.


Root Cause

  • This error occurs when the SystemID on the system in question (/etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid) and the SystemID on RHN Classic or Satellite mismatch. In this case, a system will not receive any updates as RHN Hosted or Satellite is unaware of the system. RHN and Satellite maintain profiles for the systems that are registered to it. Every system is identified based on the ServerID. This SystemID on RHN or Satellite should match SystemID listed in "/etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid" file.

  • Especially, RHEL5 with prior to kernel-2.6.18-200, since there is no {thread,core}_siblings_list in /sys, it might happen, please refer to the following article: RHSM register fails with "No cpu socket information found"

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i delete the current system profile on RHN and re-registered the system
the ID on the server match with the RHN ID , but i still have the error

I can't find my server on RHN by using my ID from the command line output.

i deleted the current systemid, re-registered it at RHN and confirm the ID match the new systemid.
however the error is still the same. anything help?

Hi Lynn. If you're still encountering the same error, I'd encourage you to open a support case or post about this issue on the RHEL discussion group (https://access.redhat.com/groups/red-hat-enterprise-linux).

In either case, mention that the resolution in this article did not solve your problem.

Step 2. Go to Advanced Search (https://rhn.redhat.com/rhn/systems/Search.do) only makes sense when using Classic Management which, for my RHEL 6 servers, is not the case. The link yields "Permission Error."

Is there a way to search for a SystemID in the new Customer Portal?

Hi Barry. Sorry to hear you're having trouble here. It looks like that url which worked for users previously is no longer working. At this time we're going to pull the article to investigate if this is expected usage going forward or a bug.

If you would like to open a case to have this issue actively tracked, please feel free to open a case and request that it be transferred to me.

Additionally if your systems aren't using RHN Classic to register, and are using RHSM ( subscription-manager) to update, those clients can be found via this url: https://access.redhat.com/management/consumers/



same problem like Barry :(

Hi Florent, sorry to hear you're having trouble here too :(

It looks like some changes at the beginning of September may have affected this functionality, even for users where this previously worked and resolved their issue. I'm going to pull the article in the interim, while we investigate what the cause of this is, and if we're exepriencing a bug or expected behavior.

If you'd like a tracker for this, please feel free to open a case and request that it be transferred to me.



Anything new with this issue?
I also have this issue.