How to subscribe RHEL 7 SAP HANA system to Extended Update Support (EUS) channel?

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  • RHEL for SAP HANA Premium subscription
  • RHEL for SAP HANA Standard subscription with RHEL EUS Add-On
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA for Power, LE Premium subscription
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA for Power, LE Standard subscription with RHEL EUS Add-On
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and higher


How to subscribe existing or new RHEL 7 SAP HANA system to Extended Update Support (EUS) channel?


Either one of the below subscription combinations is required to access RHEL 7.2 EUS channels

Access the "Red Hat Customer Portal: Subscription Inventory page" to verify whether the appropriate subscriptions required to access EUS are available under your Red Hat account.

When using Red Hat Satellite server check that relevant SAP repositories are synchronized on Sattelite server as described in How to configure Satellite server to synchronize SAP related repositories?.

1. Register system

If the system was not yet registered, register system to either Red Hat Satellite or Red Hat Customer portal using Red Hat Subscription management.

  1. Register the system to Red Hat Customer Portal or to Red Hat Satellite server 6.

    subscription-manager register --username=XXXX --password=XXXX

Install katello-ca-consumer-[host]-X.rpm from the satellite server before registering the system to Satellite 6.

2. Attach the 'SAP HANA' subscription

Attach the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA Subscription to the system. This process involves two steps

  1. Find the pool id of the RHEL for SAP HANA subscription/Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA for Power, LE subscription.

    subscription-manager list  --available
  2. Attach the subscription to the system

    subscription-manager attach --pool=XXXX

3. Enable only EUS repositories

When registering the system, all the default yum repositories associated with a subscription are enabled. Disable all the enabled yum repositories and enable only the required repositories (EUS repository and RHEL for SAP HANA repository). The same steps can be followed for a server which is already registered to Red Hat Customer portal or to Satellite using Red Hat Subscription management.

  1. Set the release to one of the SAP HANA certified version of RHEL and clear the yum cache. For setting the minor release as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

    subscription-manager release --set=7.2
    yum clean all
  2. Disable all yum repositories that were enabled by default

    subscription-manager repos --disable="*"
  3. Enable the EUS yum repositories

    • for x86_64 platform

      subscription-manager repos --enable="rhel-sap-hana-for-rhel-7-server-eus-rpms" --enable="rhel-7-server-eus-rpms" 
    • for PowerPC LE(ppc64le) platform

      subscription-manager repos --enable="rhel-sap-hana-for-rhel-7-for-power-le-eus-rpms" --enable="rhel-7-for-power-le-eus-rpms" 

4. Enable EUS High Availability repositories

If the system is also required to be subscribed to High availability repository, then execute the below command

subscription-manager repos --enable="rhel-ha-for-rhel-7-server-eus-rpms" 

5. Where to look for additional documentation

Check the article Where I can find documentation for SAP products on RHEL and other Red Hat products?

Root Cause

Extended update support for SAP HANA is offered beginning with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2. EUS is not offered for any previous RHEL 7 minor releases as SAP HANA is certified only from RHEL 7.2. Refer the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle page for a list of EUS releases and the dates on which that support ends.

For general information on Extended Updated Support (EUS), refer the following article Extended Update Support (EUS) Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Guide.

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para la version 7.4 sirve? For version 7.4 serves?

RHEL 7.4 is not yet certified by SAP for running SAP HANA.

Please keep an eye on SAP Note 2235581 - SAP HANA: Supported Operating Systems ( to stay informed when RHEL 7.4 has been certified by SAP.