Subscription Central

Red Hat’s subscription central is a place where customers can learn about Red Hat’s subscriptions tools on as part of Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Red Hat Insights for Red Hat OpenShift. 

Red Hat’s subscriptions tool allows you to access unified reporting of RHEL subscription usage and utilization information across your hybrid infrastructure. The subscriptions tool can also report the subscription usage and utilization of your Red Hat OpenShift clusters. 

The subscriptions service and simple content access are available only to customers using Red Hat Satellite 6.5 or later. 

Get Started with Subscription Watch for rhel

  1. 1

    Install Insights on RHEL systems managed by Satellite 

    Activate Insights

  2. 2

    Connect the Satellite uploader to map virtual guests to hosts

    Connect the Satellite uploader

  3. 3

    View usage reporting

    Connect to subscription watch on

  4. 4

    Remove traditional enforcement

    Activate simple content access


Subscription Tracking

Track the usage of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions at the fleet or account level in a unified inventory.

Reporting Dashboards

Procurement officers can make effective, data-driven decisions with portfolio-centered reporting dashboards. 

Simplified Subscription Experience

With simple content access and subscription watch, you have access to a set of capabilities in Red Hat Satellite that allows systems to consume content without strict entitlement enforcement.

Multiple Inventory Tools

In addition to Red Hat Satellite, you can also use OpenShift telemeter to build a comprehensive inventory view in subscription watch. 

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