Red Hat Virtualization Maintenance Support Phase begins on Sept. 1, 2022.

red hat virtualization 4.4 FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS

Modern operating system support

Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5, Red Hat Virtualization is modernized to support cloud-native infrastructure for future business needs.

New metrics visibility using Grafana

Gain insight to inventory, performance, and capacity overviews and trends using Grafana with the data warehouse.

Migrating to OpenShift Virtualization

You can migrate your virtual machines from Red Hat Virtualization to Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization with the Migration Toolkit for Virtualization.

Migration Toolkit for Virtualization

The Migration Toolkit for Virtualization migrates virtual machines from Red Hat Virtualization to OpenShift Virtualization at scale.

Virtual machines run within containers. This gives your organization the flexibility to run workloads on virtual machines while developing cloud-native applications.

GetTing STarted

To migrate your virtual machines, you need:

OpenShift Container Platform

Install OpenShift Container Platform on a bare metal cluster.

OpenShift Virtualization

Migration Toolkit for Virtualization

Migrating virtual machines

The Migration Toolkit for Virtualization (MTV) provides a web console so that you can add providers and create mappings between your source and destination environments. You can also run a migration from the command line.

  1. 1

    Launch the MTV web console.

  2. 2

    Add a source provider.

    Add Red Hat Virtualization as a source provider.

  3. 3

    Create a network mapping.

    Map Red Hat Virtualization networks to OpenShift Virtualization networks.

  4. 4

    Create a storage mapping.

    Map a Red Hat Virtualization storage domain to an OpenShift Virtualization storage class.

  5. 5

    Create a migration plan.

    The Migration Plan Wizard guides you through the process of selecting the network and storage mapping, and the virtual machines you want to migrate. You can schedule and clone migration plans.

  6. 6

    Run the migration plan.

    Click the "Start" button to run the migration plan. The web console displays the start and end time, the amount of data copied, and a progress pipeline for each virtual machine.


Managing OpenShift Virtualization VMs using RHV

OpenShift Virtualization VMs using the Red Hat Virtualization Manager

This video demonstrates creating and managing OpenShift Virtualization VMs using the Red Hat Virtualization Manager interface, highlighting how both traditional virtualization administrators and OpenShift / Kubernetes administrators can create and consume resources using the interface they are most familiar with.

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