What is Red Hat OpenShift API Management?

The OpenShift API Management service adds full API lifecycle management capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. Red Hat hosts and manages both the service and the underlying OpenShift platform.

The combination of managed operations and native OpenShift integration means your organization can focus on innovation and development instead of infrastructure:

  • Build an API management program to secure and share APIs with internal and external consumers, then monitor and control usage
  • Adopt an API-first approach to reuse existing systems or create modern applications that work across hybrid cloud environments
  • Rapidly develop, deploy, and scale microservices-based, integrated applications through a single DevOps pipeline
OpenShift API Management is available as an add-on service for OpenShift Dedicated and OpenShift Service on AWS. Contact our sales team to learn more or to get started.

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Life Cycle Policies

Learn about Red Hat's life cycle and support policies for the OpenShift API Management service.


OpenShift API Management is based on our popular Red Hat 3scale API Management platform and includes the following key features. 

API gateway

A powerful gateway to manage traffic and enforce authentication and usage policies for your APIs.

API Management console 

A developer-friendly user experience for configuring, publishing, and monitoring APIs, including the ability to create a developer portal that makes your APIs discoverable.

API Management SSO console

Access to the included implementation of Red Hat Single Sign-On to secure your APIs and add authentication to the developer portal.

Native OpenShift integration and streamlined user experience

Familiar developer workflows, easy access to service consoles, and a combination of self-service and automated lifecycle management for maintenance and upgrades.

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