Use Red Hat® Decision Manager for business rules management and complex event processing.

Feature Highlights

Integrated platform for business decision management

Red Hat Decision Manager is a comprehensive low-code platform for the development and maintenance of applications that automate operational business decisions. Organizations can incorporate sophisticated decision logic into line-of-business applications and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change.


Decision Server

Publish rules-based applications as RESTful decision services that evaluate business data against relevant rules.

Cloud Ready

Red Hat Decision Manager enables users of Red Hat OpenShift  to provision their accounts with real-time decision services with a single click.

Business Optimizer

Red Hat Decision Manager includes Business Optimizer, an optimization engine capable of quickly finding solutions to complex planning problems, such as supply chain optimization and staff rostering.

Tools for Agile Development

Red Hat Decision Manager includes intuitive graphical tools for business users and developers that improve collaboration and support DevOps practices to rapidly build, test and deploy decision services.

Get Started with Red Hat Decision Manager

For a basic installation, you'll need:

JBoss EAP 7.4 Installation

Ensure Red Hat JBoss EAP 7.4 is installed and the latest patch is applied.

System Requirements

Your system must meet the JBoss EAP system requirements.

Under 10 Minutes

Installation will take less than 10 minutes.


Note: for installation instructions on other platforms, see Installing and Configuring Red Hat Decision Manager
  1. 1

    Download Red Hat Decision Manager.

    Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal to download Red Hat Decision Manager installer.

  2. 2

    Install Red Hat Decision Manager.

    java -jar rhdm-installer-$VERSION.jar
  3. 3

    When prompted, specify a Red Hat JBoss EAP installation.

  4. 4

    Start the Decision Server.

    Navigate to the EAP_HOME/bin directory and enter the following command:

    $ ./ -c standalone-full.xml
  5. 5

    Log in to Decision Central.

    Enter http://localhost:8080/decision-central/ in a web browser and then use the Red Hat Decision Manager application user name and password you created during installation to log in to Decision Central.


Business Central 

Configure Business Central to Use LDAP

You can configure Business Central to use LDAP for the authentication and authorization of users. Learn how.

Additional Resources

Event Processing

Complex Event Processing 

Defining business rules for complex event processing.

Business Applications 

Create business applications on Spring Boot

Create a Red Hat Decision Manager application on the Spring Boot framework. 

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