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Applications at are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, providing customers with prescriptive analytics and applications to manage Red Hat environments. Because the applications are hosted and managed by Red Hat, there is no infrastructure that a customer needs to deploy, other than the installation of a client. All data shown via a user interface are hosted by Red Hat and a user will always be using the latest software version that is made available.

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Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights is a proactive operational efficiency and security risk management solution in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions and public cloud versions of RHEL. It helps identify, prioritize, and resolve risks to security, compliance, performance, availability, and stability before they become urgent issues. Insights also enables users to monitor for adherence to internal policies and understand configuration changes over time.


Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager

OpenShift Cluster Manager provides an interface where you can:

  • Deploy OpenShift Container Platform 4  
  • Provision clusters for OpenShift Dedicated
  • Manage your clusters across multiple clouds
  • Register and entitle your clusters to your Red Hat subscription


Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Extend the Ansible Automation Platform with analytics, content management, and policy and governance.

  • Automation Analytics give you a visual dashboard with health notifications and organizational statistics across different teams using Ansible. Use Automation Analytics to analyze, aggregate, and report on data for your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployments, and see how your automation is running in your environment.

  • Automation Hub is the official location to discover and download supported Ansible Content Collections , included as part of your Ansible Automation Platform subscription. Content collections contain ways to consume automation, and how-to guides for implementing the collection in your infrastructure.

  • Automation Services Catalog gives developers and business users access to the four areas where automation lives:  physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments. It simultaneously gives enterprise and line of business users the governance they need to meet compliance and procurement requirements around automation.


Subscription Watch

Red Hat’s subscription watch tool allows you to access unified reporting of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and OpenShift cluster usage and utilization information across your hybrid infrastructure. By activating simple content access with the subscription watch tool, you can consume content without strict entitlement enforcement via Red Hat Satellite for a simple subscription experience. Subscription watch is available only to customers using Red Hat Satellite 6.5 or later.


nsights for SAP

Red Hat Insights now includes a dashboard for RHEL subscriptions deployed on SAP HANA. With the new Insights dashboard for SAP, administrators can automatically run all of their SAP applications across environments to access their application state and risk information all from a single panel. This makes it easier for IT teams to manage SAP systems running in larger environments with greater ease and to help improve security on RHEL, one of the only operating systems supported by SAP HANA.


Cost Management

Cost management aggregates and displays the costs of your OpenShift deployment and infrastructure across bare-metal servers, virtual machines, private clouds and public cloud infrastructure, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Migration Services

Get recommendations on migrating your applications and infrastructure to Red Hat.

Use migration services to optimize your virtual environment by uploading a Red Hat CloudForms generated Inventory file and then letting Red Hat Migration Analytics create reports showing how you can save money and optimize workloads whether by migrating virtual machines or migrating applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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