The Red Hat Ansible Inside offering is a bundle of Ansible components that allows application teams to embed Ansible playbook execution inside their application product. Leveraging an SDK that the application developer can include in their offering, Ansible Playbooks can be executed via the supplied Ansible components under the application without the end user needing awareness that Ansible is performing Automation functionality. Ansible Inside is a Red Hat Partner offering only.

Red Hat Ansible Inside includes:

  • Ansible SDK - Python SDK to call Ansible operations of the embedded Ansible Automation
  • Ansible Runner - Integrates the SDK to Ansible Core for the running of Execution Environments and Playbooks.
  • Ansible Execution Environment - Ansible Automation package delivered as a UBI container via
  • Ansible Builder - Supports the customization of existing base Execution Environment images or enables the partner to produce their own Execution Environments supporting their content.
  • Ansible Core - Ansible Core is the supported runtime of Ansible. Runs the automation on local or remote hosts.
  • Ansible Navigator - CLI interface to Ansible Runner and Ansible Core.
  • Ansible Mesh - Highly scalable distributed protocol and infrastructure to remotely execute Ansible content over different networks, works with Ansible Runner.

To obtain Ansible Inside you must contact your Red Hat partner sales representative. Upon a Red Hat Ansible Inside subscription attachment, you will be able to download and install as normal the Ansible Inside components.


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