Understand how you can modernize your IT and assess the best choices for migrations

The migration analytics service allows you to determine the total number of workloads in your environment, where they reside, their present condition, and the level of effort needed to migrate or modernize each.  Available free of charge, the service also provides detailed infrastructure and application inventories, high priority migration targets, estimated migration cost savings, and potential migration pitfalls and hazards in your environment. 

All of this detail is encapsulated in three immediate reports:

  • Initial savings estimation: A brief report that presents the main options for migration and the estimated savings that could be achieved.
  • Workload migration summary: A summary of the infrastructure and services found, proposed target platforms, and estimations on the feasibility of the different migrations to be performed. 
  • Workload migration inventory: A detailed list of workloads with detected flags that must be considered during the migration process. 

A Red Hat CloudForms for Migration Analytics subscription is required to proceed.  If you do not have a subscription, please request an Evaluation.

How do I deploy and use it?

Evaluation users have received a copy of this information in a Welcome email.  You can leverage the migration analytics service by following these four steps:
  1. 1

    Download Red Hat CloudForms.

    Users with subscriptions can download Red Hat CloudForms.

  2. 2

    Deploy Red Hat CloudForms.

    Deploy Red Hat CloudForms by following the official documentation steps.

  3. 3

    Examine the environment.

    Produce a payload file required by the migration analytics service to assess your environment by following the official guide.

  4. 4

    Analyze the data.

    Go to migration analytics service, upload the previously generated payload file, and review your results.

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