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4.7. Obtaining Images for Overcloud Nodes

The director requires several disk images for provisioning Overcloud nodes. This includes:
  • An introspection kernel and ramdisk - Used for bare metal system introspection over PXE boot.
  • A deployment kernel and ramdisk - Used for system provisioning and deployment.
  • An Overcloud kernel, ramdisk, and full image - A base Overcloud system that is written to the node's hard disk.
Obtain these images from the rhosp-director-images and rhosp-director-images-ipa packages:
$ sudo yum install rhosp-director-images rhosp-director-images-ipa
Copy the new image archives to the images directory on the stack user's home (/home/stack/images):
$ cp /usr/share/rhosp-director-images/overcloud-full-latest-8.0.tar ~/images/.
$ cp /usr/share/rhosp-director-images/ironic-python-agent-latest-8.0.tar ~/images/.
Extract the images from the archives:
$ cd ~/images
$ for tarfile in *.tar; do tar -xf $tarfile; done
Import these images into the director:
$ openstack overcloud image upload --image-path /home/stack/images/
This uploads the following images into the director: bm-deploy-kernel, bm-deploy-ramdisk, overcloud-full, overcloud-full-initrd, overcloud-full-vmlinuz. These are the images for deployment and the Overcloud. The script also installs the introspection images on the director's PXE server.
View a list of the images in the CLI:
$ openstack image list
| ID                                   | Name                   |
| 765a46af-4417-4592-91e5-a300ead3faf6 | bm-deploy-ramdisk      |
| 09b40e3d-0382-4925-a356-3a4b4f36b514 | bm-deploy-kernel       |
| ef793cd0-e65c-456a-a675-63cd57610bd5 | overcloud-full         |
| 9a51a6cb-4670-40de-b64b-b70f4dd44152 | overcloud-full-initrd  |
| 4f7e33f4-d617-47c1-b36f-cbe90f132e5d | overcloud-full-vmlinuz |
This list will not show the introspection PXE images (discovery-ramdisk.*). The director copies these files to /httpboot.
[stack@host1 ~]$ ls -l /httpboot
total 341460
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root   5153184 Mar 31 06:58 agent.kernel
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 344491465 Mar 31 06:59 agent.ramdisk
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root       337 Mar 31 06:23 inspector.ipxe