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6.8. Configuring Ceph Storage

The director provides two main methods for integrating Red Hat Ceph Storage into an Overcloud.
Creating an Overcloud with its own Ceph Storage Cluster
The director has the ability to create a Ceph Storage Cluster during the creation on the Overcloud. The director creates a set of Ceph Storage nodes that use the Ceph OSD to store the data. In addition, the director install the Ceph Monitor service on the Overcloud's Controller nodes. This means if an organization creates an Overcloud with three highly available controller nodes, the Ceph Monitor also becomes a highly available service.
Integrating a Existing Ceph Storage into an Overcloud
If you already have an existing Ceph Storage Cluster, you can integrate this during an Overcloud deployment. This means you manage and scale the cluster outside of the Overcloud configuration.
For more information about configuring Overcloud Ceph Storage, see the dedicated Red Hat Ceph Storage for the Overcloud guide for full instructions on both scenarios.