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8.8. Importing Virtual Machines into the Overcloud

Use the following procedure if you have an existing OpenStack environment and aim to migrate its virtual machines to your Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment.
Create a new image by taking a snapshot of a running server and download the image.
$ nova image-create instance_name image_name
$ glance image-download image_name --file exported_vm.qcow2
Upload the exported image into the Overcloud and launch a new instance.
$ glance image-create --name imported_image --file exported_vm.qcow2 --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare
$ nova boot --poll --key-name default --flavor m1.demo --image imported_image --nic net-id=net_id imported


Each VM disk has to be copied from the existing OpenStack environment and into the new Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Snapshots using QCOW will lose their original layering system.